Brigantia InfoSec Services

Specialist Information Security Management, Privacy, Governance and Compliance Practice

Brigantia InfoSec Services, as an independent consultancy, offers specialised services to organisations responsible for the safekeeping of personal information and sensitive digital assets. This is delivered through a very broad solution set to assist organisations with Information Security Management, Privacy, Governance, Risk and Compliance, without having to engage with multiple providers across the different disciplines.The Service Offering is covered in two core areas:

  • GDPR Consulting Services
  • Information Security Consulting Services

From the outset, Brigantia’s stated objective was to ensure constant enhancements and improve­ments to its service offering. Since inception, Brigantia has engaged with leading technology vendors to en­hance its solution utilising their technologies.
Now, Brigantia utilises a multitude of proprietary and open-source technologies to assist in achieving the shortest possible timeframes when identifying attacks, potential system failures and misconfigurations.

Further to this, Brigantia has ensured that its resources are constantly kept up to date with enhancements and changes to its vendor solutions, as well as the changing threat landscape. Brigantia has also built infrastructure and service methodologies from the ground up, to be in line with international standards and regulatory frameworks.